Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kindling the Holy Fire: the Emperor

I’m looking for glory, and wondering where to find it. Not glory for me, that’s not what I mean – where is glory in the world? When the golden king rides triumphant through the streets and the people are mad with joy, when the taverns crack open wine barrels and let the wine flow to the joyful people, when the heart breaks out of the diurnal and we remember – but what is it we remember? It’s like remembering something that never was. Mad joy wants to break out and run calling and singing in the streets.

After a year in China I do indeed value and appreciate our civil society. I am Canadian. I recognize what we have here, the stability, the quiet, the immense peace that we take for granted, and the accountability of government to people, which we forget we have.

But somehow in the seamlessness of it all there’s a kind of neutrality. The colours are beige, grey, muted flesh-tones, dark green. It feels like living inside an egg, and waiting for some crimson and gold flash of glory to break open the sky.

Writing this I note that it is almost Advent. In the Christian cycle this is the time of waiting and purification, preparing for the coming of the King. I have a Christian background, and the festivals are likely written right into my DNA.

On the Tree of Life, the Emperor is the path that connects the Two and the Six. Two can be seen as the Will, sometimes the Divine Will. It is sometimes called Zodiac, because in it is the blueprint of all our actions. Sometimes it is called the Standing Stone. Six is the Sun, sometimes the Son, sometimes the Heart. As the Sun, as the Heart of human community, it brings us centred into relationship. Sometimes you can hear Krishna playing his flute in there. The decree of the Emperor kindles the Solar Fire and glorious light returns to us, where we have been waiting in the dark.

So, when the Emperor shows up in a reading, it will generally it will generally refer in some way to the enactment of your will, or of a higher will, in your heart, your life, your relationships, in community.

It’s important to remember that good aim requires surrender. In guiding the energy in from Two, you’ll need to surrender. If you tense up, try and second guess it, the bead starts to shake and you can’t thread it. If you trust your will you can guide it in, and the solar fire can be kindled.

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