Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Whirlpool and the Four of Wands

Welcome to the “Tarot in the Dark” blog.  As my eyesight continues to darken, I am working with my cards in a new way.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the loss of physical vision has triggered a whole other kind of ‘seeing’, and that this has had a tremendous effect on my work. 
Now I am preparing for the next step.  Soon enough the physical cards will disappear.  For a few years friends have been suggesting that I make a specially adapted set of cards, Braille on the corners, or something.  I’ve always known that I wouldn’t need to.  I’ve been shuffling and dealing these cards for forty years and I know them; they’re inscribed in my nervous system, written in my memory.  This weekend I was at an event.  I had not understood the expectation that I bring my cards.  It was the invitation to jump, and I accepted it.  In my mind I shuffled the cards and laid them out.  It was interesting to ‘watch’ (hard to find substitutes for all the seeing words we use, when our eyes don’t do the seeing).  The card appeared, with something like a whirlpool in the middle.  I think in esoteric terms it might be called a ‘tourbillon’ (just another word for whirlpool, really).  I watched it darken and concentrate.  The whirlpool divided into four whirlpools and then each one shaped itself into a wand.  It was very interesting, kind of took my breath away.

So let’s talk about the Four of Wands.  As I understand the Tarot it is a projection of the Kabalistic Tree of Life.  On the Tree of Life four stands for stability, strength, sometimes majesty.  Sometimes it’s called Gedulah, meaning ‘Splendour’.  It stands for true kingship, for what kings would be if there were real ones.  Wands, of course, are Cosmic Fire.  Or, more accurately, they are the Divine Spark that lights the fire.

This makes the Four of Wands a steady fire.  It tells you that you can hold a steady course at this time, that you don’t need to second-guess yourself or your life.  Stability of mood, of body, of spirit.   The Four of Wands is not a Big Bang of energy – it is the steady purr of a well-maintained motor, and the card invites you to attune yourself with that energy.  If you are plagued, as we all are from time to time, by ‘manic moments’, the Four of Wands is the card for you.  Your life is in good hands (yours).  Like any good driver you need to keep them on the wheel, but with relaxed clarity, no white knuckles, no hunching over the wheel.  You’re right in the groove of your higher intention.

Of course, as in real estate, location is very important.  Depending on that kind of spread you’re using, the Four of Wands may come up in a challenging place.  It may show up in a spot that represents an obstacle, problem, or challenge.

The cards can take you only so far.  Then your own intuition has to kick in.  Just breathe into the energy of the person you’re reading and ask for clarity.   Why is the Four of Wands a challenge?  The likeliest reason is that the person in question is looking too hard, trying too hard, pushing against the flow.  If you’re interested in physical issues, you may want to think about body mechanics, maybe particularly knees.  If it’s a financial question, it could be that the person needs to streamline their life, they’re burning too much fuel, much more than they need to reach their goal.  But, as I said, at this point you just need to release into that person’s energy field, hold the Four of Wands up to your eye like some kind of scope, and just look around.

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