Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amber King, Amber Spider. The Six of Pentacles.

When I was young I learned that a spider web has eight sides. I also learned that spiders have eight legs. No one ever connected these facts for me. I didn’t connect them myself until years and years later. Does science connect them? If you know this, please let me know.

Eight sides, eight radial arm from the centre. The spider can place one leg on each of the arms of the web, and receive information from all corners of the web. The Tree of Life has 6 in a central position. There are paths connecting it to all of the numbers except 10, making an eight-sided figure. A final path connects nine to ten, this path acting as the cable that moors the web. Not to big a jump to see the energy of six as in some way related to the Spider.

Six is the home of Sacrifice. Here the Sun dies and is reborn. It is also the home of the King (the King is dead, long live the King!). And the Spider understands sacrifice herself, many spiders feeding their young on their own juices, dying when the children leave.

Like all the energies of the Tree of Life, six carries a radiance. The light gradually incarnates, builds itself a body, transitioning from a clear radiant pink to gold, to a rich salmon colour, and finally, as it crystallizes into physical existence, into golden amber. You could call six the Palace of Amber, the Home of the Amber King, or the Home of the Amber Spider.

The form of the Web is and extension of the form of the Spider. If the form of the Web determines the form of the Manifest, then Six is the place to be. It’s the place where Intention creates Manifestation, and in so doing, dies itself. You might call it the home of crystallization.

There’s some guidance here. Hold your intention and find your way into the Six. If you’re looking to manifest, let the light you find there deepen and crystallize finally into golden amber. There will be a moment when you think you have lost, when the intention seems to die. This is the moment of Incarnation.

The Six of Pentacles is sometimes called the Lord of Material Gain. It is when plans and intentions crystallize, and the Tree bears fruit.

Christian Kabalists connect the Six with Crucifixion. Six is the Will of God, incarnate, the Son, which needs to be extinguished in order to be fully born and manifest.

Writing a blog always implies a reader. If you’re reading this, let me know what you think, what you’d like from such a blog. It’s a little difficult, sailing these little virtual boats down the river with no sense of where they’ll go.

Talk to me, okay?

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