Friday, February 18, 2011

Fire and Faceless Figures

It's a long time since I've posted anything here. I find myself always wondering - "Who am I talking to?" I've been satisfied with choosing a card and writing about it, just I guess offering to share what I know. But the question always comes up for me "Share it with whom?" Maybe I just don't really get what blogs are for. It's like chatting with blindfold on. Interesting metaphor for me, really, because at this stage of my life I can't see the faces of the people I'm talking to any more. But I know they're there.

Although, interestingly enough, I don't always know who they are. yesterday while I was doing a telephone reading someone talked at my front door. I opened to a man wearing a cap (I could see his silhouette). Since I was waiting for a particular firend to arrive, I assumed it was him. I continued with my phone reading, and the visitor went out and rummaged about in the ktichen, getting himself some tea.

I finished my call, and my friend called out from the kitchen to ask me if I wanted any tea myself. I was very surprised to find out that I had just been sharing my space with someone completely other than the friend I had expected.

It sounds like it should maybe be upsetting, not knowing who's out there. Being blind, I find, takes an amazing amount of faith.

Having said this, I cut a card, just out of curiosity, and find the Ace of Wands, sometimes called the Root of the Powers of Fire. Okay. So it takes a lot fo fire as well. Nothing is easy. Every time I step outside I'm walking into what is at best a semi-visible terrain, with moving faceless figures. I find that it takes big conviiction and big fire to do this. The option is to curl up and not go out. Way easier, and somtimes, but not always, appropriate.

The trick is to discern when there is actually enough available fire. This is probably true for everyone always, and not just for my own situation. Every course we choose is going to take fire. As we grow older we begin to understand that it's a renewable energy source, but that, like all the other ones, we can't waste it. Acting without fire creates psychic debt. Not using it when it's available creates illness, back-up. Interesting path, no?

Anyhow, whoever you are, if you're out there, there's nothing, literally nothing, I'd rather do than turn this blog into conversation. If you're interested, come and find me.

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