Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Past Lives: Part Two

So, even assuming that Incarnation is an agreement we make, a Sacred Contract to take on a certain lifetime, what about the 're' part? It doesn't necessarily follow that because we actively and consensually do it once, we therefore do it again and again. My own thinking has been influenced the the work of Jane Roberts, in her "Seth" books. Generally, the thesis she presents, or channels, from her spirit guide Seth, is that one holdy being takes responsibility for a number of incarnations, like the stem in a bunch of grapes. I really like that. It also helps to deal with the question of Time in a post-Einstein understanding of the 8niverse. Linear time, one thing lined up after another like beads on a string, has been pretty well debunked. At best it's an invention, a mechanism our minds need in order to think. Everything is all at once, the whole universe a multi-dimensional simultaneity. So, if in the old paradigm I was, say, Tutankhamen three thousand years ago, now we would replace it with the notion that right now, simultaneously, That which incarnates in me is also incarnating in Tutankhamen. It's hard, probably impossible, to really wrap our minds around this, since they are programmed to think in time, but for me it seems an inevitable conclusion. and it answers difficult questions, like population explosion. If there are more and more and more people, does the Divine need to create more and more and more souls to incarnate?

And then the conditions of any life can't be seen as reward or punishment for the actions taken in another life. If everything is absolutely NOW then suffering isn't earned; it's taken on voluntarily, as some kind of healing or sacrifice; it's a Holy Being observing the necessary pain at a certain locus in the living Universe and saying "Yes" to it.

This of course raises the big question: do evil deeds then go unpunished? Do the butchers and torturers of human beings simply incarnate because they choose to, do their thing, and that's all okay? You have to take a long view of this one, I think. I a first, and maybe too easy response is that they themselves are living in what we might call hell, projecting a core of inner agony outwards on their victims. In a way we can't really understand any more than we can really understand the idea of all time being simultaneous, the torturer and the victim are a single paradigm, a yin-yang of some kind. Because most of us identify so much more easily with the victim than with the perpetaror, we emotionally need for there to be some kind of payback.

Who can say? Who can say what kind of de-briefing/cleansing there is when we are no longer incarnate? This is a big mystery. But I am in myself very certain that to live an existence in which you feed yourself only on horror and filth is as horrifying a fate as any I can think of. Finally all we can engage in is compassion and a suspension of judgment.

If you're reading this, please do feel free to let me know what you think. I'm planning one more of these 'past life' entries: "Incarnation as Metaphor". Stay tuned for next time.

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