Saturday, April 23, 2011


My readings are changing. The vision seems to be clarifying into a call for action more often than it has in the past. I've generally held back from offering advice or direction - anyone can give good advice, and my experience is that advice generally doesn't work. It certainly doesn't work for me.

But yesterday I had offered two long readings, one in person, one on the phone. In both cases information came through that was in some way more than advice, maybe more like direction. Both were extremely intelligent people, aware, spiritually oriented, and articulate. Thought and language can get to intertwined. A thought can get held in language, and then form a bssis for so much action, so many choices or non-choices. I've generally believed that my work is just to be a mirror, to offer back what I see.

In both cases yesterday the snag was so apparent. Sometimes you can't think yourself off a snag. You have to act. The actiion may be very specific, the snag so embedded in habits of thought that language alone can't do the job.

And I made the jump myself, in a way I've never done before. People sometimes come looking for clear direction. Rather than simply coaching, working together to map the question, sometimes maybe they're really looking for an answer. Not advice, but true direction, and perhaps I've been perverse in whitholding this. Or maybe just not feeling mature enough in my work. Doesn't matter why. Yesterday I made the jump, twice in one day, that I've never made before.

They were both what I call 'incarnational questions'. People standing at some kind of threshold, and stuck. It came to me that sometimes you need to ask: "Do you want to come in?", and if the answer is yes, then reach out a hand and say "Okay. Take my hand. I'll walk you in." It's not advice - it's bigger than that.

At least that's what I'm telling myself today.

Before i did the second reading yesterday I cut a card for guidance. It was the Ace of Pentacles. sometimes called the Root of the Powers Of Earth. Ace is the entry point for the Divine. Before the four aces there is no differentiation - kind of like the superparticle that exploded at the big bang - at first there are no atoms, electrons, just a particle holding the mass of the whole undifferentiated universe.

The Aces have the whole power of the Big Bang, if you like, each element new and full of raw virgin energy. The Pentacle is the Manifest Universe, sometimes called the Throne of the Daughter. She was always the goal of the Divine. You might call Her the Throne of Incarnation.

Who can say why we incarnate. As many theories as there are languages. But we do, and we do it for some reason, and it's an oongoing process, like being born. We are incarnation or we are dying. Or sometimes we get stuck. You can't stand back and watch a baby stuck in the birth canal. You intervene, you reach out to support life becoming itself.

And so, I guess, I've taken an incarnational step of my own.

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