Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Venus in the Water

Water runs through your fingers. The reflections that dance and shiver on its surface are only there until you reach out for them, when they flash apart. Does it mean they're not real? No, I don't think so. It means that you can't 'have' them. If you have ever tried swimming on your back underwater and looking up, you see the world, the sky, mountains, whatever terrain houses the water. And when you reach your hand up and break the surface, it sll disappears. But it's still out there.

Water says "Love me, but don't hold me". Swimming naked, down into the dark cold where the sun doesn't reach, up into the green-gold reaches where sun and water mix, dancing with gravity, are maybe, for me at least, the most sensual times of my life. Making love with the water. When I first saw a swimming pool I was five. I had never swum. My mother, who couldn't swim and hated water, brought me so I could go in the shallow end and learn. I cried out in recognition and jumped off the deep end. Great panic ensued, but I was fine, the water and i understood each other perfectly.

Narcissus really had two problems. One was, of course, that he fell in love with what he saw reflected on the water, his own self. But the more fatal mistake for him was trying to get it, hold it, have it. That's what killed him. Water won't give itself to you - you have to give yourself to it.

This is all held in the seven of cups. Sometimes called Venus in the Water. Her magic is elusive, creates illusions. We see it in love, when we try and catch and hold the ineffable thing we have loved in another person, and suddenly it's not there and we hate them for it. You can't have it, says Venus, you have to wait till it's offered. And it may not be offered on a regular basis, or even more than once or twice in a life.

The seven of cups talks about intuition, about the impulse for beauty. In relation to beauty we have to surrender our ego, our desire to possess.

When my son Tom was four days old I took him outside on a windy spring twislight. The trees were moving and talking in the wind and he saw them. He saw them with his sould. I watched as he breathed them in. Seeing him receive the incredible beauty of the natural world for the first time was one of the big moments in my life. Open up and loveliness will penetrate your soul. Like water, it can permeate everything, over time, can dissolve every block. Just don't grab it.

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