Sunday, May 15, 2011

Madeleine Mercier and the Rose of Isis

Madeleine Mercier died today. She fought a long terrible losing battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. It is a kind of death in live as your motor functions fail, your voluntary and then your autonous systems break down, and your body starts to die. She walked it with incredible courage and strength. Her choice was to walk it to the end, and she was blessed in the man who chose to stay with her, uncondtionally, and walk it with her for two very difficult years.

That man was my brother, John. Although they were no longer married, he invited her to share his home in Florida while she went through this terrible process, and he was there for her literally 24/7. My brother is not without challenges of his own, and it's been a privilege to see him shoulder this, and to see the grace with which he held her. May we all be so fortunate!

So I asked the Tarot to offer me a card for this one, and it gave me the Page of Pentacles.

The four Court Cards, Knight, Queen, King, and Page, can be seen as Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, as can the four suits, so that the Page of Pentacles can be seen as the "Earth of Earth". It is the end of the cycle, the culmination of incarnation and manifestation.

But of course it's a cycle, and the Earth of Earth becomes the new Fire of Fire. So at the end point of flesh it is only earth, and the Rose. Or not. Is it a Rose or is it Fire? They are one, the Rose and the Fire. It is the Rose of isis.

At the end of her life Madeleine had only love to give. As the flesh died it flowered, and left the Fire behind

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