Friday, May 13, 2011

Mozart and Sweet Fire

I'm back in Nelson. Full of the Pacific Ocean, the big rainy winds, a week of rest deeper than I had imagined, or thought I was ready for. Vancouver Island was cold and wet. Nelson is full-on spring. Warm breeze, flowering trees everywhere, sweet soft blue mountain sky. I have decided to cal this home now. Maybe there was never a choice, but I went to the Island with the thought of perhaps re-locating there - I spent a very happy time there before I went to China. It's still lovely, but home appears to be here, and I'm a little surprised at how clearly and easily that emerged when I got back three days ago.

It's a Mozart morning, steady, quiet, deceptively simple, cheerful, a sweet clarinet line skipping along with violins that might be sadder without it.

The card I just cut was the Four of Wands. You could see the Four as the steady, splendid, merciful hand of true kingship. It can ossify into oppression and power, or pure legalism, but when it presents in fire it is pure life, Marnia in its Golden Age. The fire is oranized - no one's getting burned up or burned out. It's the clear dauntless simplicty and strength of May, when the fire dresses itself in leaves and flowers.

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