Saturday, May 21, 2011

Orpheus and the Golden Braid.

Sacrifice is a white fire. It burns inwards, generating annihilation rather than heat. Desire is a red fire, and it burns outwards. Sacrifice may save us, but it won't keep us warm. Desire will certainly warm us, but untempered it will burn everything it touches.

Temperance is the string between them. I'm all about music right now. Hard to think about anything else. I like thinking of that one taut string as a string from the Lyre of Orpheus. One end is in the Underworld. One end is in Sacrifice. The vibration travels back and forth along the string. When it travels upwards it lifts the heart out of sorrow and joy both. Traveling down it awakes desire. Someone has written that grief is the purest form of desire.

When the vibrations travelling up the string meet those travelling down, maybe the string would appear to be still, a golden braid rather than a single line. The stillness is only apparent. It's Temperance.

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