Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home-Based Business - the King of Wands

Real kingship is a home-based business. I don’t know if there were many real kings, people whose lives and personal powers were used for the peace and prosperity of their people. Maybe a few. The King doesn’t run about conquering things and having adventures – he is the nerve centre of the kingdom, as the spider is the centre of the web.

When the spider sits in the centre of her web, her arms stretched out along its arms, she and the web are one. She can only do this from the centre. So with the King. When he is properly placed he knows everything, and his will is transmitted by others, who become his arms.

The King of Wands is the King of Fire, his fire transformed to a golden radiance which, transmitted to the web, lights up the whole thing.

You are the King, the Spider. The Web extends outwards from you the edges of Creation.

Walking in southern China last year I passed along a big hedgerow. It was covered with vast spider-webs, each one perhaps a meter across, a big iridescent blue spider maybe as long as my thumb at the centre of each one. So with us, a community of golden spiders, each linked in to a web of light that spans the entire creation, making a multi-dimensional web of webs. We are not small, and when we stretch out the arms of our spirit we at once receive, encompass, and create a Universe. Just occasionally, like now, on a golden summer morning, one can feel the whole thing breathing, know one is breathing with it, know that time and hope and despair are nonsense, reach out like the veins of a leaf and breathe the light. Maybe we didn’t get much chance to do this before; maybe in ten minutes we’ll never be able to do it again, but we can do it right now.

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