Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Gardener and the Seed: for Kathryn

The Page is the Messenger. The Sword needs to be sharp. For anything to become other than what it already is, it needs to be penetrated. When Great Mother is planting seeds she uses her trowel to break open the earth.

It’s hard to be grateful for being broken open. Probably it’s not always possible. Today we’re going to watch for information that cracks open a fixed idea or theory. Or maybe for an event that seems to come direct from the bad fairy when she’s having a bad hair day. Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger and her childhood ended. No pricked finger, no Prince, no happy ever after. Galileo asked the inquisitors to look through the telescope4. They wouldn’t dare – they knew their world would change forever if they did. Trust the ouch for the next few days.

When it comes, breathe. Don’t allow for one scrap of narrative, of ‘story’. Pain doesn’t need it, and if you do, it will encapsulate the ouch and stop it from doing what it needs to do. We’re not oysters. They take the irritant and coat it until they have a pearl. When we do this we’re more likely to get a kidney-stone than a pearl. We breathe and release, and give birth to a new reality.

As I write this, I try to embody the card in my words. The card says “I will penetrate your defenses. The harder the defenses, the sharper the penetration. Just remember that I do it for love and to keep you alive and young. I am the Seed.”

What I know myself is that some penetrations are quick, momentary pain. Some are lifelong. I know also in my own self that they all release the Water of Life.

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