Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tia's House: the Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is the culmination of the Tarot. It’s what the whole process was for, from the moment when the Divine called up the Ace of Wands, the Root of the Power of Fire, through all of its conditioning through the Houses and the Paths. It is the castle on the high green hill, flags snapping and laughing in the sunny wind. Or it is the little cottage by the sea, lupines and hollyhocks framing its door, casement windows open to the spring air, a sleepy cat on the front step. It is that place where your heart always knew it was heading, a bedroom with open windows and air smelling of roses, cool crisp sheets fragrant with lavender. Or a fireplace on a bitter night, golden music twining through the room, a mug of tea warm on the hearth.

For you it is these things, or something similar. For the Divine, Whose longing has always been to be in this place, and who chose to create the whole living world so that It could experience everything, it is the whole of the Manifest Creation.

The ten of pentacles is called the Throne of the Daughter. Through the Tree of Life, from the Ace to the Ten, from the House of Kether to the House of Malkuth, the Father calls out to the Daughter, His whole will intent on manifesting the sweet detailed everything, jasmine on a warm night, the heart-lifting magic of the first snow, the husky call of an owl in the dark, all of it creates the detail of Her throne.

However, the human anatomy doesn’t allow you to sit on a throne of infinite detail, and as you yourself hold the embodiment of the Daughter, you yourself have the right, the privilege, and the responsibility, to live in beauty.

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