Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fight or Flight: for Christine

One way to show love is to stand your ground. I’m midway on my path between thirty and a hundred, and maybe I still have a little time to learn this. I look back over the marshy havoc of the past and know that when I look back over my shoulder this way I’d see something very different, more signs of civilization, more lasting monuments, more parks and marinas, if I’d done just that, stood my ground. It’s hard for gentle people, and our way is often to get angry because we don’t know any other way to do it. Then, having been angry, and because we are gentle, we then have to attend to damage control, and to acknowledging that our anger has caused someone pain.

It’s the core of Darwinian theory. Environmental challenge creates evolutionary change. Mother Nature herself isn’t interested in the ones who back down. She knows there are many different ways not to back down, but flat-out surrender isn’t one of them.

When we stand our ground we find out who we are. You can’t negotiate while running away.

The Tree of Life starts with One. The One. There is at that point only One. It cannot know itself, nor can it have any form, since it is simply an outward explosion of energy.

Then comes Two. The One meets the Other. Sometimes crews fighting a forest fire will contain a fire by lighting another one. Fire meets fire – the heart of the Two of Wands. It’s sometimes called “The Lord of Dominion”. This is mine. This is yours. Where my boundary meets yours, we have a border along which to negotiate.

Of course, we don’t always win, can’t always defend the border. Invasions happen. They may break our hearts, or even kill us. But it’s utterly crucial to indentify them. This is my own life-experience speaking. If someone violates your borders and you pretend it didn’t happen, pretend that your surrender is an act of grace, you’ll incorporate the invasion into your own being, and start to invade and attack yourself. You won’t have choice. The programming Mother Nature wrote in you will demand fight, or flight, but never surrender. So your choice then would be to fight yourself, flee from yourself, or understands that the force of aggression wasn’t you at all – it was someone else, and you’d better deal with it in one way or another.

Our immune system fights invaders. It is the fractal version of the Two of Wands. There’s a clue here, I think.

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