Thursday, February 9, 2012

God's Outbreath: the Six of Swords

The Six of Swords says: “You must leave what you know to apply what you have learned.” It is about leaving shore, but always with the understanding that you’re leaving with a mission, leaving to start a new order of some kind. Six is at the centre of the Tree of Life, the Hub of the Wheel, the Still Point in the centre of everything. Announced in Fire, loved in Water, now it must simply exist, beauty without a body.

Myself, I’ve been stumbling around in the dark for a while. This morning, thanks to the wisdom of my wonderful Tarot students, I’m seeing clearly. Not, obviously with my eyes, which are seeing anything but clearly, but with my Tree of Life Eye.

Helen Keller wrote of placing her hand on a sapling and, through rare good fortune, feeling/”hearing” the song of a robin. Listening is an outward experience, colonizing and transforming the undefined out from the centre of ourselves, each sound we encounter becoming part of a web, us in the centre, feeling out to the edges of the Manifest. We listen out of the darkness in the Centre, and the sensory world flows into being. We explain what we encounter in terms of past learning, and if we apply our resources of wisdom, intelligence, and love we move deeper and deeper into a new world.

You might say that the Six of Swords is God’s Outbreath.

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