Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crossing the Frontier.

New Blog format?
I’ve been doing one card at a time, shuffling and cutting at random until the deck is done.

I’m walking through a powerful personal transition, and I’m inviting the forms in my life to dissolved. Or they’re dissolving anyway, and I’m pretending I can control the process.

You could maybe call it a Vortex Experience. Not comfortable. Kind of like sea-sick, psychically as well as physically.

I shuffle and cut, and it’s the Ten of Cups. The peak power of Water. On the Waite deck we see a happy family dancing under a rainbow made of cups.

That’s interesting, because it doesn’t seem to account for the grief I’m feeling.

I’m travelling through a Death/Rebirth experience right now. I’ve had moments of joy the past few days, but the dying part is simultaneous. Like the song: “One for sorrow, and one for joy, sorrow and joy for me, the magpie is a most royal bird.:”

With my right eye gone I am walking into a different world. It’s unlocked something, but I’m not sure what. At the peak moments the new strength and joy are different from what I have experienced before. I think I’m becoming me.

Odin gave his eye for Higher Wisdom. I’m asking.

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