Thursday, March 1, 2012


I’m walking through some kind of ordeal right now. Very interested in Odin.

It’s hard to judge – is this just a personal passage, or does it belong in my blog? Is it a personal challenge with public application?

On Friday morning I’m having my right eye removed. It’s definitely This is elective surgery. My eye has been blind for a long time. It doesn’t know it’s an eye any more. This creates come problems.

I’m wondering if I can offer this transition, and have it be of any use or significance to you.

Odin hung upside down on Yggradil, the World Tree, for nine days and nights. He visited the Well of Mimir, below the roots of Yggdrasil, and gave his eye for higher knowledge.

I’ve know this all my life.

I shuffle and cut a card.

The card is the Ten of Swords. This is, of course, one of the most painful cards in the deck. In the old Ryder-Waite deck we see a man lying on the ground, ten swords penetrating him, dark sky, but golden on the horizon. The Ten of Swords has some of the aspects of a Death card. It is definitely The End of a way of thinking and being, and about dying into incarnation, as well as on the way out.

If we think of the four suits as a cycle of manifestation, pentacles are the final manifest, the concrete thing itself. The Ten dies and is reborn in Pentacles. Or we can follow its ten-ness up and out, as a way out of the Incarnate, following that ten up into the place where there are no bodies at all. Kind of like the Norse after-life, where Baldur drank from the Cup of Thirst. It’s hard to leave the body behind, because for a while one thinks it’s still there, and tries to feed and care for it. One grieves for the lost body.

As I am already grieving for me soon-to-be-lost eye.

I'll be back here in a week.

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