Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gabriel blowing.

It’s all happening in the milli-second, in the space between now and then. If you hush you can feel it, like the space between breath and breath, heartbeat and heartbeat.

There’s a whisper there, the voice saying “All will be will, all will be well, all manner of thing will be well.” The place where the trumpet has called/is called, and the prisoners are free. It’s not dependent on circumstance at all. Who, after all, is ever ‘free’ when we look at the physics and logic of it. We’re not exactly separate beings – we’re all just part of a field, and if the Big Bang is a valid image, then how can there be any freedom – the whole thing is expanding according to the laws of physic, following the structure of that original exploding super particle.

Judgment. Gabriel blows his horn and the dead rise. To hear the horn you have to get into that non-time, non-place between things. It’s been shown that light exists in waves and in particles. So does reality. Between the waves, between the particles, is the present (not just a ‘now’, but the present that underlies everything). “Be still and know that I am God”. Be still and know that in that impossible place between thought, between now and then, between thought waves, everything is waiting, the trumpet is blowing, and we know we are free, not here in the land of physics, but there, in the land of not-exactly-is.

Some music approaches it. If you commit to engaging with the pure mathematics of Bach, you’ll find it in the silence between the notes. If you like minimalist music you’re already halfway there.

Judgment calls “Wake up! Hear what’s between the molecules, in the space where there’s actually nothing at all.

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